When does gay dating become a relationship

Their relationship didn't seem to be just a sex thing either, the other man was talking about plans to introduce my boyfriend to his family and all. I don't know if I missed any signs, we became committed very quickly and within a month of dating we were making plans to move in. I discovered he had joined countless dating websites describing himself as gay on his profiles and had been posting messages looking for gay sex on forums.If I were to go off and sleep with someone else it would be unforgivable in his eyes.

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We lived together for two and half of these but the last two years we've been living apart after a brief separation but are trying to make things work.But he thinks I should just forgive and forget and move forward like nothing's happened.Honestly, I feel like I've just been a cover for his family because he's not able to come out. I need to address a particular bug bear of mine, and that's you snooping on his emails. You didn't stumble into his email inbox while attacking the laptop with your feather duster. But that doesn't entitle you to snoop on his private communications. Now that the scolding is over, let's address what you did find on your "clean".Since there’s way more men and way less awkwardness that can ensure, willing men are way easier to find. Among gay relationships, I’ve noticed it’s a lot more egalitarian.

There’s no unspoken belief that your partner is going to do the housework while you go out and work.

The reason for the separation was that one day when I was cleaning his email inbox for him I discovered emails between him and another man.

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