What to expect when dating a rich man

So even though every rich guy I’ve known were nice and decent humans, who shared similar interests as me, we never dated for the precise reason that I knew we would ultimately clash on financial values and beliefs.

Understandably, it’s hard to completely empathise with the economic decisions someone makes in life, such as which university to go to, how much to spend on groceries per week, and what constitutes ‘date night’, when you’ve never been from the same socio-economic bracket.Growing up, my upper middle class parents taught me the most important life skill from the moment I knew what money was: the ability to save.Not merely to save for what I want to buy in the short term, but also to have backup savings so that I am never financially obligated to stay anywhere with anyone if I don’t want to.For example, I used to know a guy who would only drink overpriced coffee from Starbucks or other cafes.

When I asked him why he was willing to fork out so much money for mediocrity on a regular basis, he shrugged and said, “Because I can.” Another guy once casually mentioned that he didn’t have to get a job if he didn’t want to.

For instance, how many people are able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle because of their ‘richer’ partner and feel like they owe it to their partners to stay in the relationship?

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