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This page provides details for the version history of the Microsoft's Windows Phone branded mobile operating systems, from the release of Windows Phone 7 in October 2010, which was preceded by Windows Mobile version 6.x.The new OS would address many of the platform's shortcomings, including a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 that supports the same web standards and graphical capability as the desktop version, multi-tasking of third-party apps, markets on September 27, 2011.However, Microsoft announced at the Windows Phone 8 announcement event that Windows Phone 7.x devices would receive a free upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8.Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7.8 alongside Windows Phone 8 and began pushing the update to devices in January 2013.This trick only works if the Windows Insider Preview program — and Windows 10 itself — will support your Windows phone.Microsoft provides a list of phones that support the preview program here.General Distribution Release 1 (GDR1; also referred to as Update 1) adds new language and region support for Cortana, the option to organize apps into folders on the Start Screen, SMS forwarding of multiple messages, improvements to Xbox Music, a live tile for the Windows Phone Store and an option for sandboxing applications.

For years, the Windows Insider Preview Program has let Windows phone users get the latest Windows operating system for their phones without requiring the approval of any cellular carrier.This update provides features and improvements: Your software is up to date. Note: Software version 8.10.10328.78 was mistakenly released to a small number of devices.It contains no additional features or improvements over 3030.0.33501.531.Along with this update Nokia released its own update which updated the firmware of the user, namely Lumia Amber, which was available for only Lumia phones.

The update brought many camera improvements and fixed some bugs in the cameras of existing Lumia phones.

You can install this on your Windows phone to get a better idea of whether your phone will be eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade and what you’ll need to do.