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It's a great work you have done and still are doing - Thank you so much!! I use it all the time to analyze and transcribe music. I recommend it to ALL of my students and folks who ask me for jazz guitar help." "I’ve been playing lead guitar for years and sometimes spent weeks learning a tune accurately.I’ve just recently come across your fantastic program and I’m learning a very difficult piece rather quickly now." "I am a semi-profession violin and fiddle player, and I have learned a lot of riffs using Transcribe. I had other software before I stumbled into yours, and now Transcribe is all I use." "Thanks for all the info, much appreciated. Of course, will purchase." "I really appreciate the good job you do with your software and enjoy using Transcribe! It never gets in the way and does exactly what it claims. is a powerful music tool" "A very worthwhile piece of software that should be on the aspiring musicians' 'get' list" . is another incredible example of how marvelous computer music software can provide instructional opportunities" . I recommend it to other musicians whenever I have the chance. I’m very grateful for your work." "I really do like transcirbe! In fact, I use it each time I practice guitar at home. "a very fine answer to most of the problems faced when trying to work out a piece of music" "Scrolling is rapid, and playback is very responsive" . As a music director it's an invaluable tool to get things right" "I have been enjoying Transcribe now for over 10 years...maybe longer. And your support and concern for users is such a joy to see, I really appreciate it! I am using it regularly by daily training play guitar." "The ability to change the key and save has been a terrific help, in cases where the recording I have and the sheet music I’m trying to learn are in different keys. The program is well thought out and sports a feature set that reflects the fact that is was written by and for musicians. "It's an excellent tool for musicians" "For folks learning tunes by ear it is a godsend.It has improved my playing tremendously." "i teach music lessons with your program all the time, and it is one of my most invaluable tools!" "It's a brilliant program." "It really helps with those "cell phone" interviews that are too tinny to hear. LOVE it." "I am using your fantastic tool since years now with a lot of fun, pleasure and effectivity. I recommend Transcribe to everyone who might be interested." "I LOVE Transcribe! Thank you much for such fine, simple-to-use, VALUABLE product." "I'm a longtime user of your software, really enjoy the product!

to see if it works for you." "How do you learn [Frank's] tunes for the set? It's hugely helpful." "Thanks for the update - I love this program; it is extremely useful in assisting me with music transcription." "I’m a long time happy customer and I recommend this to everyone I know — it’s truly the best money I’ve spent on any software. Also has R/L balance, equalizers that allow you to further isolate instruments. " "I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product. Helps me a lot during through the years that i’m using it." "Been many years now using Transcribe, and it keeps getting better." "Been working the bass a ton on Transcribe, tuning up on Transcribe like you mentioned to get really buried bass lines to pop out. " "Thanks for the continued work on this great bit of software! I have used it for almost 14 years now, recommended it to my students and will continue to support your efforts. " "BTW, thanks for creating and maintaining this great software!version 7.40 as "An amazing tool for musicians with a few really interesting new features". "this slick piece of code converts any mp3 or audio file into a digital waveform that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. It makes my life as a musician so much easier." "There's not a day goes by that I don't use your Transcribe. " "I use Transcribe every day in my lessons and frequently recommend Transcribe to my students." "Awesome - I've been using this program for many years - and love it! It is easy to use, great sound/video quality and plays a lot of file types.Another world-famous jazz musician who has given us a quotable comment is Michael Brecker (who sadly is no longer with us) who says "I use Transcribe! It is a great piece of software and I would recommend it to every musician." "There are a lot of cheap slow downer apps for tablets and smart phones, but they don’t begin to touch the power of this program." nitastrauss.com/news/pick-my-brain-tuesday-edition/ "If there’s anything I have a hard time figuring out, I use a program called Transcribe! The program's best attribute is that its slowed down audio, though not perfect, is extremely clear at half speed." "Answer to Transcription Woes" . Thanks for making it even better:)" "I love this program so much" "this is a gift that keeps on giving." "I have been using Transcribe on Windows for years and it is a fantastic piece of software." "Look, I don't want to embarrass u, but I just can't compliment u enough on your program. I have been enjoying your program for 10 years now! It is one of the best software programs I use on a regular basis.There are many world-famous musicians who use Transcribe! It makes the bassline jump out and you only need to play the actual bassline a string lower.

- but my privacy policy is to regard customer information as confidential which means that I do not boast about it unless I have specific permission. - visit his site click on "Community - Pat Recommends" and see the entry for February 14, 2007 where he describes Transcribe! Being able to loop segments of the song is also very helpful." "Thanks again for this great program. My guitar playing really has improved over the last few years I have been using Transcribe.

Your program is really great and I recommend it whenever I can!