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I have supplied photos and dimensions to a few people who have made their own out of brass.A Tune-o-matic type can be adapted to good effect and allows adjustment of intonation.A new scratchplate can be provided from a template.He now has Watkins scratchplates off the shelf (right and left hand) so there is no need to supply your own template but check before ordering that your knobs have the same layout as the example shown on Alan's website.I have found that a professionally cut scratchplate is the best way to restore the condition of the guitar.Uncut sheets are available but it is quite difficult to get a good finish particularly with the chamfered edges.Bodies were often made of two pieces of jelutong glued together and this created another potential area of weakness.

If you can help with dating please contact me (e-mail address on Contact page).Please use the information below as guidance only because the numbering system is all over the place up until about 1968.* Rapier manufacture started in 1959 with Rapier De Luxe (I call them series 1) which looked completely different from the usual Strat shape (see guitars page) which appear to have started in 1960.The best method of removal is to cover the surface with a sheet of newspaper and use a domestic clothes iron on high heat.

It will then be possible to scrape off the polyester as a sheet.

If it is different, you will have to provide a template or the old scratchplate which he will return.

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    Below If your first electric guitar was in the 1960's, there is a good chance it was a Teisco. Here are a few from the mid-sixties. The Teisco Del Ray was perhaps the most popular student guitar from the 1960's. No wonder guitars became so popular in the sixties, would you rather be playing a Teisco Del Ray or an accordion.…
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    Feb 3, 2014. But as Kawai and Teisco were merging just then, this guitar could be one of their ugly “Dr. Moreau” offspring. Nobody knows for sure, because during the guitar boom of the '60s—when so many makers fought it out to reach the massive number of young people who were suddenly hungry to start bands—it.…
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    If you can help with dating please contact me e-mail address on Contact page. Please use the information below. By 1968 serial # were in the 15,000s but it looks as if Wilson started the new company name with this new number scheme. By 1972/73 a Wilson W type. Later Wilson type similar style to Teisco. Side view.…
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    Jul 21, 2013. Published on Jul 21, 2013. This is an old Japanese copy of an SG. There is no decal on the headstock but from what I can gather, Zenta used to make some of their classier models without. It looks to date from 60s/70s. There is a serial number KET-220. My amp is simple without gain so I have used a pedal.…