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The weekly night of free music offers the perfect low-stakes opportunity to check out up-and-coming local bands and impress your date with your adventurous taste in music in the process.It’s also just as easy to ditch them in the crowd if they turn out to be a dud, which may be just what you need when you’re rolling the dice on a Tinder match whose profile pictures were all group shots.Go drinking and get a healthy dose of science with OMSI After Dark, a 21 event that offers fun specials like a bourbon and bacon night.The museum's exhibits will also be available to explore and play around with… Fun fact: The Spanish Coffee is not, in fact, from Spain, but rather from this vintage Portland restaurant.Seriously, forest park covers around 5,157 acres with 80 miles of trails.The thick canopy of trees keeps the area relatively dry during the gray, rainy months.That’s why we keep a regularly updated, comprehensive calendar of the best possible events, activities, and things to do in Portland.Some of your best date ideas will inevitably jump at you out of there.

Here are 29 winter and wallet-friendly date options. Sure, you have to take one of the most boring highways out of the city but once you get into the valley and start drinking grape juice you’ll forget all about it. We’ve got the largest parks (within the city limits) in the country, so why not take advantage with a leisurely stroll, a woodland run, or a hike?

Every other Sunday, Shift Drinks whips up a special dinner -- it might be lasagna, beef bourguignon, or pozole, but in any case it’s always 100% free.

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