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Check my website for more information at""Hello, and thank you for your interest in counseling.

I'll guide you to find your own natural wisdom, clarity and courage, so that you can release stress, transform limiting beliefs and behaviors, and regain a sense of balance and wholeness within yourself.""Looking for a compassionate coach/counselor to help you improve the quality of your life and relationships?To truly fulfill your dreams and heal your trauma, you need the keys to Unlock Who You Really Are.""I offer powerful presence, honest feedback and supportive encouragement for you to become a powerful presence in your own life.Live fully, with honesty and integrity, clear thinking and a grateful heart.Sunny has helped numerous clients fulfill their goals and find their true potential.

Sunny works with clients with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, addiction, life-transitions and stress management.

I use a gentle (and even fun) approach to coaching and therapy that feels easier for most people to deal with than traditional therapy. I can be that guide for you.""I have lived on Big Island for almost five years, I know that Island life in a digital world can become overwhelmingly complex. My professional background of over 20 years working in social services, community and private mental health, completing academic training as a psychotherapist, and being a published academic writer has cultivated a diverse professional approach in my work as a Counselor.