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“The track we have submitted to Formula 1 in London is not with complete certainty the final version, but it is the basis, and if there are any changes they will be minimal.The track has been approved by Hermann Tilke who also had questions and ideas for adjustments.The next six months will contain a year's worth of work in which many things must be secured, since we now have a number of formalities resolved.We must also start negotiations with the government which has given its in-principle backing to Formula 1 in Copenhagen,” he said.Sander told the newspaper that the Danish bid would now enter a new phase.

The locations of the finish line and pit lane on the proposed track had not yet been set, Magnussen added.Skriv også, hvis du har et forslag til en bedre (men stadig kort!) beskrivelse af den enkelte side, eller hvis du synes, at en side hører bedre hjemme i en anden kategori.Use of a urinary luteinizing hormone immunoassay offers no advantage over the next menstrual period and does not lead to better agreement between histologic and chronologic dating.

The track would include a sharp corner in front of the Christiansborg parliament, a 300 kilometre per hour straight over the Knippelsbro bridge and a fast stretch along the Slotsholmsgade road behind the Børsen stock exchange, reports newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

“The proposed route has far fewer obstacles than he expected, considering it is a track in the middle of a city,” he said.

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