Monica dating maino

So, I really got my proof after we were broken up." "But I want the record to be clear, Lil Kim is not someone that I'm thinking about. That particular [episode] I was angry not about Kim being there, because she's completely insignificant to me, I was upset at Monica just not telling me. It was just the principle, and I'm a person that's big on principle." ON THE POSSIBILITY OF THE SHOW BEING PICKED UP BY ANOTHER NETWORK: "This is what we're battling right now. We're still, I can't say too much, we're not settled with what happened because we still can't grasp how after two episodes how you make a decision. You can't compare it to a 'Honey Boo Boo' or 'Say Yes to the Dress'.I'm sure when these shows started, they weren't bringing in big numbers. After the second episode, they pretty much made up their mind that we would be going to So that quite actually doesn't sit well with us." ON 50 CENT SAYING HE GOT THE SHOW PULLED: "I can tell you one thing, 50 Cent did not have anything to do with us being pulled off.I know he put that rumor out there, and I don't even know why he would care.

In 1998, Monica's second album, The Boy Is Mine, earned her major international chart success.Monica was born in College Park, Georgia on October 24, 1980.She is the only daughter of Marilyn Best, a former church singer and Delta Air Lines customer service representative, and M. "Billy" Arnold Jr., a mechanic working for an Atlanta freight company.Until calls in the middle of the night, and then I got so much proof after we were broken up.

I mean people were telling me they were together the whole time. The times when you thought they were together, they were together.

He succeeded at, I don't even know if he succeeded. I can't even talk about that with Shaniqua not being on the show, who would have been such a pivotal person on the show.