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“The relationship between Idris and Wema is none of my business.

“It is true that I had talked to Wema before the awards and she had informed me that she wouldn’t make it to Uganda as she had other pressing issues and so we agreed that would she win, then I would deliver her acceptance speech for her.The SVU of the Danbury Police Department initiated an investigation where they identified the men.Danbury Superior Court issued an arrest warrant for Jackson and Connelly.Shortly after the RHOA Reunion aired, a random rumor surfaced that Phaedra’s “Mr.

Chocolate” was actually megachurch Pastor Jamal Bryant, the man Gizelle divorced after 8 years of marriage for cheating.

Tweet knew that she may face criticism for dating the minister who was recently outed for having a son out of wedlock that he allegedly does not take care of.