Is kat dennings dating anyone

Both ladies made light of the reports, and there hasn't been any reason to believe any secret relationships are brewing. Despite last summer’s relationship with record producer Jane Arthy — everyone nearly fainted when the Elle UK editor-in-chief tweeted that she sat next to Tom Hiddleston and his girlfriend Jane at Wimbledon — by fall Hiddleston was saying he was single.

"Acting just demands everything and if you don’t give it everything, there will be someone behind you who will," he told The Daily Mail of why he put his personal life on hold.There's something that's been leaving so many of us scratching our heads for the past year or so.Something we’ve all wondered but were too afraid to ask in case our worst fears were confirmed.In July 2013, Hiddleston was spotted going to dinner with the Sherlock actress which started some dating rumors.

But the two haven't been spotted together since, so it's likely they're just friends.

He actually doesn't tweet too often, but his most recent tweets support Emma Watson's #Hefor She campaign and talk about his upcoming film High Rise.