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Arguments in the appeal case began Monday and will continue Tuesday.

In a two-page letter written in Hindi, the woman – who identifies herself as Tavi - described how she was duped and trafficked to a brothel in Mumbai when she was 17, and sold for sex for six years before police rescued her. "These girls are unemployed - they have no work, no money. The PM should also ensure there are job opportunities for girls so that they don't fall in this trap." Almost 46 million people are enslaved worldwide – trafficked into brothels, forced into manual labor, victims of debt bondage or born into servitude, says the 2016 Global Slavery Index.

In her plea, the victim said: “Due to the examination of the petitioner in custody, whereby she was forced to make allegations against innocent persons, has resulted in false implications of the persons.” The victim said she did not have the “courage and strength to appear in person” before the trial court or before the competent authority due to the “fear psychosis generated by CBI”.

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