Dreams about dating other people

The most recent one I think may have had my girlfriend in it, but for the most part it had a girl I went to high school with in it.Most of the time I recognize the women in my dreams, but at least once there was a woman that I've never seen before.More often, sex dreams are about the desire to integrate a certain aspect of another person's personality into ourselves — say, a friend's compassion, a boss' poise, or a co-worker's excellent pinball skills.So there's no reason to worry that your relationship is on the rocks (or that you're secretly attracted to Ned from Accounts Receivable) just because you shared a night of passion with someone else while you were asleep.And sex dreams can do more than just make our next IRL meeting with our dreamland partner uncomfortable.

The same generally applies to sex dreams about co-workers who aren't also friends.You may be having the dream because your crush has a personal quality that you wish you had.Honestly, aren't half the crushes out there about them having some cool quality that you'd secretly like to possess yourself?(The other half are about cool shoes.)Ugh, this one.

The fact that you can still have sex dreams about an ex whom you loathe is one of the least fair things about a breakup.

What does a sex dream about a real person (who's not your real partner) mean?