Dating tibetan bronze

A heavy object with a relatively uneven or rounded bottom is deemed to newer than one with a flat bottom.The idea is that the metal flows over time and singing bowls are mostly stored on hard flat surfaces where the combination of pliability, resistance and gravity result in evenness.There was no exact formula or even a general list of metals.Each maker had his own source of raw materials and his preferred methods.It is the judgment of other experts that the types of singing bowls you see on this website are between 80 and 800 years old with the vast majority dating from the 16th to 19th centuries.Believe me, I’d love to assign a date to each of the singing bowls but I have not been able to find an objective source with sufficient specificity to do so with confidence.In some areas, such as statues, the art of dating old brass objects is well-developed.

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With Himalayan singing bowls it would make sense that ones that were produced and used with spiritual intent would have special discernible sound characteristics.I have been told that antique brass Western musical instruments also have richer sounds than modern ones.The mixture of metals in brass singing bowls is primarily copper and tin which are combined with a wide range of trace metals.Sometimes singing bowls are lost, abandoned, or even buried, preserving their condition for a long time.

Some singing bowls are used in ways where they rarely need cleaning whether as display or for grain storage.

The result is still a strong metal but one with concentrations of some elements such as copper.