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The tall girl with the hair and eyes that somehow glowed even brighter than the rest of her and had shotguns mounted on her forearms in much the same way as his own blades appeared as though she was made of the light of a thousand small suns.Fox's jaw was hanging open for an amount of time he was unable to discern before Velvet nudged him"You're staring….which is something I never thought I'd say to you" Velvet's hands shot to her mouth "I didn't mean it like that-" Fox silenced her with a dismissive wave of the hand and a smirk"It's fine, you know the jokes don't bother me" and they didn't, he fondly recalled actually being able to feel Coco's embarrassed blush when, early in their first year he'd noted that he may not be able to see, but he could still hear her fake Rolex ticking."So Pyrrha put on that much of a show?Blake had been ambivalent, leaving Yang to cast the deciding vote; which had predictably led them to the canteen in search of a suitably large breakfast for the gruelling workout the blonde brawler assured her still fledgeling team that she was going to put herself through, even if they didn't want to match her.A claim that Ruby vehemently denied the whole way towards the training facilities situated in one of the basement floors, above the forges that weapons maintenance classes were held in."PREPARE TO DIE!Yang made her way over and joined them"Coco Adel is a master of her chosen style, plebeian as kick boxing is" Weiss huffed as she made room for the blonde "But her team-mate fights like a savage, no form no technique-""And Coco can't land a hit on him" Yang interrupted as she watched the vaguely familiar second year face against his much more recognisable team leader.Everyone who'd been in Beacon longer than five minutes knew of Coco Adel and it seemed that the legends were true, she really could fight without her beret being knocked out of place."But look at it! " Weiss seemed thoroughly disturbed by someone being so successful without a rigid plan"Which means he can't be predicted" Yang countered, allowing herself to become thoroughly engrossed in the spectacle as the young man, whom she noticed had an impressive collection of scars, weaved under a series of punches in much the same way that she would have only to change approaches seemingly on a whim as he sidestepped and crouched low, sweeping Coco's legs out from under her and carrying his momentum through enough to perform a single handed handstand and kicking the fashionista in the back of the head while inverted; sending both her and her beret to the ground separately."Okay.

Every fibre of her being seemed to be illuminated from within making her stand out in stark detail against the vague and ever shifting backdrop of the noisy classroom.A collection of one shots written for RWBY Rare Pair weekfeaturing various unlikely pairings that I still managed to find ways to make work and now unironically ship. RWBY & All associated trademarks are property of Rooster Teeth (RIP Monty Oum)I claim no ownership of anything except my own original characters. Chapter 01: Blind Fury Prompt – Dust/Semblance Ship – Fox Alistair x Yang Xiao Long Fox Alistair had a vastly different interpretation of the world around him to most people, his Semblance showed him his surroundings as a constant stream of rippling sound waves and glowing shapes with blurry indistinct edges indicating heat signatures as his thermal imaging and echolocation were superimposed on top of one another in place of sight.Currently his path was illuminated by the central heating of the corridor he was strolling down giving him a clear idea of where the walls were combined by the reverberations of his own footsteps which he made a conscious effort to quieten as he approached his destination.She was not disappointed, Pyrrha jumped out of her skin and Akuo was flung forwards wreathed in the darkness of her Semblance.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd and Yang herself was left with her mouth hanging open; the shield hurtled towards Coco who was currently in the midst of a failed attempt to grapple with her opponent; said opponent detected the incoming projectile and in a single fluid motion moved himself between it and Coco, one hand firmly on her shoulder while the other shot out impossibly fast and snatched Akuo from the air before turning to see who had thrown it."Did he just catch that without looking?

" the roared challenge from training room echoed down the corridor, stunning Team RWBY into silence "Sounds like some of the older students are sparring" Blake noted"They sound like utter brutes" Weiss huffed"WE'VE GOTTA GO SEE! " Ruby bounced on the balls of her feet and Yang couldn't help but laugh, her sister was trying so hard to be a mature leader, but she was still the same Ruby who asked Professor Goodwitch for her autograph"Come on, I'm itching to give someone a massage and a facial anyway" she grinned at their nonplussed expressions before delivering the punchline "The spar treatment" she made it to the entrance with a chorus of groans behind her.

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