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This shows us that you're active, dedicated to something and probably have an amazing physique.;) This should go without saying, if you're on a dating site then you shouldn't be in a relationship.It gives us an idea of what you're into, and hey you never know, we might share some of your interests which can be an instant icebreaker! Think of your Tinder profile almost like a dating CV.You wouldn't want a future employer to see photos of you absolutely mangled at a music festival, or asleep at a house party after your mates drew phallic symbols all over your face. On top of that, if you post photos like that most girls will think you're a bit of an immature muppet and will automatically swipe NOPE.But surprise, surprise there are still some humans on this planet who will have no shame in using these apps for casual hookups even if they are coupled up (absolute swines! No word of a lie, I once came across a chaps profile who had a shot of him and his missus for every photo.If this is your game, then don't expect many matches as most gals don't want to play Suzie homewrecker or be the other woman.

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I was so annoyed." – Mike, 19"I had been dating a girl for a few weeks when my toothbrushes started to disappear.

Whatever it may be, including these photos shows us that you're laid back and don't take yourself too seriously! Your personal style is another representation of yourself, so pick photos that you look particularly dapper in. However, if you do have a kid, I would still advise not including the parental photos. Scope out the girl's profile first and try to figure out what she's interested in so that you can open up with the perfect one-liner.