Dating ben pearsen bows

Kerry speculates that the letter “I” was never used because of confusion with the number 1, however I have a 1962 Model X-22 with the letter “I”.The practice of dropping the “I” may have happened after 1962.They had already figured out the Serial numbers for Browning recurves.They came up with a workable system and tried to apply it to the Shakespeare bow.I had hoped to see a pattern or system emerging but the numbers are fairly ambiguous.As you can see, each model has a variety of digits and letters, some shorter while others are longer.

I doubt the system would ever have been deciphered without Kerry’s striking realization that letters representing the months of the year.. Since Root Archery produced fewer bows then Shakespeare, finding these numbers will be time consuming.Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts. A smooth and stable shot makes it a safe choice for the indoor season along with an IBO of 315 , also allowing it to perform at the highest levels over the longest distances in the outdoor season.Serial numbers are very helpful for other traditional bow manufactures, such as Hoyt and Bear which are still in business; they are also useful for other manufactures that archived the information such as Ben Pearson Bows.

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