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The jury was charged that the Government's theory was that “the defendants devised a scheme to induce [the GSEs] to purchase mortgage loans originated through [HSSL] by misrepresenting that the loans were of higher quality than they actually were,” and was further charged that “the fact that some of these alleged misrepresentations may have constituted breaches of the contracts ․ is neither here nor there.” J. Later, after several successful and conforming deliveries to B, A 's production process experiences difficulties, and the quality of A 's widgets falls below the specified standards. Second, the jury was charged that it needed to find that “the defendant you are considering participated at some point in the scheme knowingly and with a specific intent to defraud”—that is, “act[ed] consciously and deliberately ․ [with] knowledge that that defendant was participating in a fraudulent scheme” and “purposely intended to deceive and harm [the GSEs] by seeking to sell them mortgage loans ․ through false or misleading representations.” J. After deliberation, the jury returned a general verdict in favor of the Government, whereupon the District Court imposed civil penalties of $1 million against Mairone individually and $1.27 billion against Countrywide. At the time of contracting, A intends to fulfill the bargain and provide conforming widgets.

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