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about 6 months ago me and my fiance talked about a chastity device for me.we came across a device called a cb 6000, and I ordered it.i have all these sexual fantasies but im not sure yet if i want to do them or not.i can't tell my boyfriend becuase he is VERY open minded and will automatically be cooking up a plan to put my thought into motion.I like to talk about sexual experiences, mine and those of other people, it turns me on. i have had alot of sex (not with different partners but with girlfreinds etc...i have done my experimenting and have more insight than alot of people give me credit for. just get to know me if you want too see my freaky side.A lot of people are prudish about it and I just think the world should speak freely about the things that make them go 'mmmmm.' Know what I mean? ill show you mine if you show me yours I often go out to other towns n cities where ppl dont no me n get dressed up as a woman wit really girly stuff on n walk round to c if ppl no im a man it gets me really excited wit the feel of the clothes n the wig on n wit hi heels of course i jus love it all he he o n seen...About a year ago, I met two men at a bar who were looking for a peice of ***.I thought that when I went to their home that two men doing me would be fantastic.