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The Hot Rod was the twenty-second Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark, and one of the many armors he developed after the battle for New York against Loki and the Chitauri.

A feat of engineering that Tony Stark himself would approve of! He is now tied for my favorite Hot Toys 6th scale with DX 11 Heath Ledger Joker 2.0. It’s been receiving a ridiculous amount of online streams across platforms You Tube and Spotify, further verifying the fact that MK is just getting better.Ahead of his Australian tour we spoke to Marc about what comes most naturally in the studio, new music, his impression of Australia and his thoughts on the latest Star Wars movie.The Hot Rod suit was among those summoned by Stark to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting Aldrich Killian's plot.

to bring him a suit in order to rescue Pepper Potts from falling to her death, the A. sent this suit to Stark's aid, but the armor was quickly tackled and destroyed by an Extremis soldier before Tony could suit up.

This Artificial Intelligence has gone rogue and threatens human existence in Marvel's latest movie.

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