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Thomas (Maze Runner movie), Newt (Maze Runner movie), Minho (Maze Runner movie), Alby (Maze Runner movie) Prompts: ♥ What if the Maze/the ensuing “Phase B” were all fake and it was all part of a reality TV show? However, anything new in this fandom would be a treat so if your muse takes you elsewhere that would be great too. then have to go back to real life and learn how to function. I'd love a look at what happens after the second tv movie (Island of the Haunted) with a relatively happy outcome for the pair.

Headless Horseman (1999) I'm fascinated by the idea of Ichabod and the Horseman interacting, but I'm also just intrigued in general by the supernatural potential between them. Apollo (The Authority), Midnighter (The Authority) This could be anything you like, really - smut or gen; a tag to a story arc, or a whole new adventure; set in their early days, or mid-2000s, or after World's End (I'll admit I've been reading a lot of that arc recently, and would be fascinated to see them taking part in rebuilding the planet and maybe getting Jenny Quantum back, helping Gaia Rothstein, rubbing along with the other superheroes who stayed behind).It could even be an AU, where they're Victorian gentleman adventurers, or the characters from Ladyhawke, or grouchy retirees in Tranquility, or... Basically, if you've had any kind of Apollo/Midnighter story in mind and needed an excuse to write it, hooray! Midnighter (Stormwatch), Jenny Quantum (Stormwatch) Nu52 Stormwatch!Which is to say, basically The Authority, but flailing for recognisable characterisation, or a way to integrate these people into DC continuity.Maybe Scorpius has heard about a new torture technique from a certain Pearl Forrester and he figures he hasn’t had much luck breaking John’s mind with anything else, so what the hell, he’ll try forced viewings of terrible movies.

A Doctor Who crossover could also be fun; I’m sure there’s room for the TARDIS to land on the SOL, the Doctor and any companion would also be good at riffing awful movies, and the planet-destruction subplot with Mike Nelson naturally made me think of the Doctor (Nine or Ten, probably). I’ve only finished the Imperial Agent storyline, and I think I’ve gotten 2/3 of way through the Sith Warrior (just got to Taris) and a bit further with the Inquisitor (just got to Hoth), so I guess be careful of major spoilers outside of that, but anything that works with the game's worldbuilding and/or side characters would be fantastic.

Some tantalizing hints and Gamora being turned into a damsel in distress and a tool to progress Peter Quill’s character development a little bit.

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